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A Poem for My Children


O my children, how I will long for these days,

years from now when I am worn and slow.

Your eyes bright and innocent,

as you ascend the stairs in the big old house.

Gaggles of socks and lunch boxes,

snack time and worry over tests.

Broken friendships and mended hearts…

“Did you brush your teeth?”

Unruly, regal curls and cares over muscles and curves… 

Seven wonderful hearts around my table every night; and, oh, the laughter!

The giddy giggles of sisters, cascading into my heart from aloft…and the abrupt adorations of brothers, vanquishing imaginary demons and emerging as heroes.

Ah! My children have vanquished many a demon in me!

Precious ones, remember me.

Remember all I have taught you.

Stay close to each other, hearts locked in eternity, and recall my words and ways.

My life is given to safeguard yours into His arms.

How I will miss this season!

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