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Hey fellow ADHDer.
I'm Dawn, and you're in the right place.

I'm a Christian, multi-racial ADHD Specialist who works with women,
college students & motivated high school students who are ready to do the work to grow.

My organic & customized curriculum emphasizes a deeper understanding of ADHD, organization & sustainable results. I help you to learn your unique design, overcome overwhelm & shame as you walk in your purpose and get stuff done!

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Holly K., IN

I feel seen & cared for by Dawn. She is encouraging as I learn the Executive Functioning Skills. I love that I’m being coached by a “recovering adhder” so to speak. Even though ADHD looks different for all of us, Dawn has walked in my foot steps and knows my “pain” my challenges, my daily frustrations.

I have also loved being coached by a prayer warrior who prays scripture over me and points me to Jesus through the coaching ….I love all her joy and laughter!

She's also changed the way I "see" time and helped me design a productivity system that works for me."

Latrill B., MD

I've worked with Dawn off and on for years. I am the Executive Director of a Mental Health Care business, and Dawn has helped me so much in staying organized as I work on my PhD. She's been my ADHD Coach, writing coach, and time management coach all rolled into one! The weekly sessions have helped me to stay on task, but she's also helped me navigate the complicated educational system I am in. She's the best!

Jennetta J., TN

I don't know where else you will find a black, woman, Christian ADHD Coach who cares as much as Dawn cares & knows what she knows. She's like the ADHD whisperer! We are a family of ADHDers and Dawn has coached us all: myself, my young adult son and my college freshman. Dawn has changed my life. The systems she has helped me design have been gamechangers, but the best part is how much she has taught me about ADHD. You just can't put a price on knowing why you think the way you think & what you can do to change it.

As an ADHD Coach, I have over a decade of experience working with women & college students with ADHD & EFD.

My specialty is teaching you about the many ways ADHD impacts your life from a biblical & research-based perspective, and helping you determine which strategies will be most effective in supporting the executive functioning skills that are tripping you up. Keep in mind I have ADHD & severe Executive Functioning Disorder myself, so I get how & why you think the way you think & do the things you do.

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What Are Sessions Like?

Lionheart ADHD Coaching is unique, and designed to have a lasting impact on your life. Coaching is highly relational, fun, educational and strength-based. We focus on deep learning, skill-development & systems.


We Meet Weekly

Coaching is best when it is consistent. We work in 6-week rotations, for 2-5 hours a week for the first 6 weeks. After the first 6 weeks we determine the schedule that works best moving forward. This schedule is different than other ADHD coaches. Standard ADHD coaching typically is one hour per week with a text check-in mid-week. In my experience, this is not enough time to develop skills in my clients, who need frequent breaks due to attentional fatigue, time to find misplaced materials & data, as well as time to absorb the teaching portion of the sessions.


8-Point Check, Every Session

Every session includes an 8-Point Check on the areas of our lives that ADHD impacts the most, including nutrition, sleep, tech habits and our inner narrative. Checking on these areas is key so that you learn when you are out of balance & how to re-center. So much of having ADHD is seeing our lives through a peephole-it is hard for us to get the overview. If you are in college, we will also check your grades in each class.


ADHD Classes

There are several research-based lessons on key issues related to ADHD we will cover. These classes will change you because they will change the way you see ADHD and yourself. We cover metacognition, motivation, goal-directed persistence, nutrition, sleep & time management, just to name a few.


Work Schedule for the Week

At the onset of our journey, we custom-design your time management system, allowing for your unique time horizon & time blindness. We go over all you have to get done in the coming week, and make sure it is in your calendar with the appropriate reminders and alarms. I also check in with you frequently in the beginning because ADHD is typically activated by accountability. If you are a college client, your work schedule includes coaching session times, class location and time, professor office hours, academic support appointments, workouts, games/meets, team meetings, work time, study time, recreational & social activities, etc.

ADHD can create a unique kind of lonliness.
It's tough when you feel like your mind betrays you everyday.
At Lionheart, you have a partner dedicated to your success.
Together, we work on your spiritual, mental, emotional, social & educational development as it pertains to your ADHD.


How Do I Learn More?

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Book a complimentary Discovery Session to see if coaching is right for you. When you book you'll fill out a questionnaire that will help you frame your thinking, since we can get flooded around decisions like this.

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If we decide we are a fit, you'll take the Executive Functioning Assessment, sign the Client Agreement and book your Welcome Session. If you are a college client, you'll also take the College Readiness Assessment.

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Welcome Session!

At the Welcome Session, we'll go over your assessment results, coaching expectations & begin constructing your work schedule right away.

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