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The Shepherd (A Poem for Mothers)


Never forget the value of what you do in your home.

Whether you are dusting the furniture or wiping bottoms,

Reading a story or comforting your toddler at the doctor,

Wiping down the table or on your knees praying,

You are shepherding the hearts of your kids.

You see, it takes all of that…

The cleaning

The teaching

The putting on of Band-Aids and answering emails…

To affect the lives of children.

Each day you wake up to these blessings of Christ wrapped in your flesh and bearing your name

And you stand in the gap for them

Doing what only you can do

And all the things that are so hard to do…

Each day you are the watchful eye of Christ

The just Hand of God

The comfort of the Holy Spirit

The Heart of the Savior bursting with care and intent.

Oh, I am well aware that’s not how you feel every day…but somehow… the ministry of motherhood goes forth from your life

Lives are changed…

Whether your heart is in it that day or not.

Because He delights in using broken vessels for His glory