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My Killer School Lunch System! Lunch Decks!

A few years ago I was in my kitchen with all of my kids except the youngest. We were getting ready for school.  The baby comes into the kitchen, sees the activity and promptly asks me to make his lunch (his nickname, by the way, is “Elbows Up.” Clasp your hands behind your head with your elbows up and you’ll get the full picture of my little guy’s opinion of work.).

The other kids all turn around with eyebrows raised in amusement and look matter-of-factly at the little tike. “No,” I say emphatically. He turns to his then 8-year old sister, “Can you make my lunch for me? Mommy won’t do it and none of my friends have to make theirs.” My 8-year-old replies, “No. You’re 6 years old and in kindergarten now, you can make your own. Here’s the bread.”

One of the things I hear so many mamas asking (and murmuring) about is school lunches!  All 5 of my kids started making their own lunches in kindergarten because I was so overwhelmed by motherhood I was desperate for the help.  However, I know many an excellent mama who makes lunches well beyond that (don’t judge!).  Over the years I have tried tons of different systems but none could handle our allergies and sheer number of people, plus they were just too much darned work, so I made up my own. My absolute favorite way to handle lunches for the Fab Five is my Lunch Deck System.

Here’s what you’ll need to pull it off:

  1. Notecards

  2. Sharpie

  3. The lists included in this post

First, I collected non-sandwich lunch ideas from Pinterest (you can check out my board here and follow me on Pinterest here). I shared those ideas with the kids and they chose their favorites.  I then wrote each lunch idea from the form onto purple index cards and called this THE COMPLETE LUNCH IDEA DECK since each card has a complete (no-sandwich) lunch idea.

Tired of Sandwiches?