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One Awesome Harry Potter Birthday Party!

One Awesome Harry Potter Birthday Party!.jpg

So, in 17 years of parenting I have celebrated exactly 62 birthdays with my 5 kids. Some were large productions and some years they just got a couple of presents and a birthday cake with family. But either way, I can humbly and in all honesty say I am an expert in planning birthdays. Now, we don’t do parties this big for every kid every year. However, my middle girl is a blossoming event planner, interior designer and stylist with a “vision” for almost everything in her life from her room decor to the signature colors of her Spring wardrobe. Bringing this idea of hers to fruition ministered to her in a significant place in her personhood. And that is my job. To see the gifting of my children and parent in a way that says, “Yes. I see how you are built and it is good. God has gifted you with good things. And I want to come alongside you and grow what Christ has put in you. One day the world will try to silence these gifts in your heart. I want you to remember, in those moments, how good it felt to walk in your gifts and know others believed in them.”

Yes, I am well aware this is a very deep approach to a simple Harry Potter party. But, hey, that’s how I approach things. That’s my style. My flow. And I like my depth and over-the-top nature. It is how God built me, the gifts He gave to me. And these, too, are good.

So, this year I threw a Harry Potter Birthday party for my middle daughter (turning 12). AND WE HAD THE BEST TIME! Keep in mind I knew nothing about Harry or Hogwarts or Muggles until I had to plan this shindig. Everything you see is the design and brainchild of my daughter, I just helped make it come to pass (and paid for everything).

Party Flow

The girls arrived and had to bring their Hogwarts Express ticket to get into the party. Once everyone arrived we went down to the basement (which my daughter and I had transformed into Hogwarts). They went to Gringotts to get their vaults (since they would need money to purchase their wands and such). Following that we went to Ollivanders where the wands chose the girls (we blindfolded them and had them select a wand in a dark room). A lovely trip to Madam Malkin’s to be sorted by the Sorting Hat (not exactly how the book goes but who cares…) and then sized up for robes. While we were busy doing that the illusionist who performs as Professor Snape arrived (HE WAS WONDERFUL) and took a business card out of his wallet that CAUGHT ON FIRE as he handed it to my daughter. He plucked it and the fire went out and the card was not burned or even hot!

Following the robes they went to Honeydukes while Professor Snape set up, and then it was on to “Potions” class! The illusionist put on a 45 minute show. After that they had their meal in the Great Hall, cut the cake and sang Happy Birthday. Last item on the schedule was watching the last 2 movies in “Divination” class!

The girls had a blast and I enjoyed putting my feet up afterwards! Here are the pics… enjoy!

Invitations went out by Owl Post…

I ordered these as direct download off of Etsy and printed them on parchment-looking paper for effect. … There are about 30 different invites you can get off of Etsy depending on how elaborate you want to get!


The Great Hall…

We covered the walls in black plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store. Yes, one is falling off in the back…


Hanging candles were battery-operated from Amazon hung by clear jewelry wire from Michael’s.


Gringotts Bank…


These were their “vaults.” The Sorcerer’s Stone was in one of them, and whoever got it also got to take an owl home from the Owlery.


The Owlery…


My kids have each gone through obsessions with stuffed animals so most of these we had already.


Potions Table and Sorting Hat…


I used bottles we had and got 6 other ones from the Dollar store. I found the labels for free on one of the 2,000 Harry Potter Birthday party sites I visited. So sorry I can’t give a link but they are everywhere!


The ROBES!!! I FOUND THESE FOR $5 EACH ON SUPER-DOOPER SALE!!! The girls got to take these home…


Our young witches…




My daughter wrote each of these little tags for the wands…


Professor Snape made an appearance…


Honeydukes! Complete with chocolate frogs… I ordered the purple boxes on Etsy and THEY TOOK FOREVER TO MAKE.


Beware… (this was on the toilet)…


And that was the day! It was said by all that this was a great birthday party and I agree wholeheartedly. But most important my daughter saw her vision come to life. And so every compliment filled up her love tank and fed a part of her that just might grow God’s purpose in her life.

No, she’s not spoiled…

Just wildly blessed.

And there is a difference.

Stay Strong,


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