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A mentor/coach, writer, speaker and mom of 5 who is passionately dedicated to helping you become the mother you most want to be.

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This is my amazing husband & 5 kiddos. I had 5 c-sections to bring these incredible people into the world.


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A client's story

"Dear Dawn,


There’s so much here to feel grateful for… You’ve ministered to me in the most radical and reforming way. I love you and your heart and your work and soaking in your wisdom and holiness has been transformative. After a challenging year or two, I feel like I am myself again. 

BUT, here’s the thing of it!!! I have primarily lived my life in my own strength. I’ve loved Jesus but have depended on my own reason and capabilities. It wasn’t working anymore; I wasn’t enough on my own.

Because He’s good, God dismantled me and is cleaning me out. And, part of putting me back together is YOU. Externally, my home and life and kids and marriage may look just the same (or a little tidier) but I AM NOT THE SAME. You helped speak God’s truth into the places in my heart that desperately needed affirmation and truth and wisdom and love and reformation. 

I feel more secure in who I am and what I am meant to do each day because: 1. I have a plan for my time and home and 2. I am working for and under a mighty God. I’m more dependent on God and making more space for Him in every decision and moment and I feel so free. 

You led me here, you holy superstar. That’s my favorite part. 

Love,  A"

You are priceless and your kids mean everything to you. When you invest in yourself by working with me your entire family benefits.

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