Your kids have you, but who do you have?

I work with moms who feel out of sync with God's goals for their parenting and womanhood.


I help them get back on track by finding their joy, clarifying their purpose & developing systems of order.

Overwhelmed by having 5 kids in 8 years, I was a mess.

I just couldn't figure out how to do all the things and meet all the needs while still loving myself and raising content, well-adjusted kids who knew Jesus.

The world is very hard on us mamas. The expectations of being good at everything are unfair, unrealistic, damaging and isolating.




My MamaStrong Method has helped dozens of moms find their joy, prioritize their lives and achieve lasting results while becoming more effective mothers for Christ. 

The MamaStrong Method

Each touchpoint of the MamaStrong Method is based on biblical truth and biblical priorities (read that again). We'll walk through each touchpoint and take a loving and honest look at how you're doing using assessments and connection. This is a very gentle process. We'll determine your growth areas and you will decide which one (or ones) you want to be mentor/coached in. When applied correctly, the techniques, tools and strategies you learn from me can change your life.

Master . Me . Mate . Motherhood . Manor . Money . Mission . Ministry

"I was given the change of perspective I needed."

“My time with Dawn was water on parched ground. I was given the gift of mercy, encouragement and Godly perspective. I learned to invite Jesus into my parenting and receive His truth for my children. Because of this, our family tree is changing and I am so grateful.”


Rachael, Mom of Three



Get clear and focused on the goals God has for you by making His priorities yours and freeing yourself from scattered living. You will merge His goals with the ones you have for your motherhood and your home to change your life.


Conquer roadblocks and gain the skills you need to parent your kids wisely and gain understanding of what WORKS to raise the kind of people you want to release into the world.


Release your need to control others and condemn yourself as you move deeper into Christ and His joy. You will learn how to lean into His lavish love for you in order to truly enjoy who you are as a mother.


Systems run the world. Tap into your creativity and key knowledge of your family to design systems that work even when you don't. You're the only one who can be their mother. You have what it takes to build a motherhood that equips your family for success.

"My life is changed."

"I began my coaching with Dawn as a wife, stay-at-home mama of three children working outside of the home part time and feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I had zero recognition of my value, self-worth or belief that I could succeed in any of these roles. I carried deep shame and guilt from my childhood that bled into my marriage, parenting and friendships. I was drowning in all areas of my life and had no concept of how to set boundaries or love myself. Dawn was a safe space where I could share my heart and desires for change and where every time I left with an action plan that was tangible and full of hope. Her mentoring has given me direction, confidence and a sense of community. I’m beyond grateful for the way her services have shaped my future to walk through life in truth, hope and freedom!”


Laura, Mom of Three

Stop trying to do it all and get the support you deserve.

And I totally get the weirdness of all of this. You are on your device considering talking to a stranger about the way you parent YOUR BABIES. It is an intensely personal decision. But the time you spend with me is free, so what have you got to lose but a few minutes? 

"I am so much more organized!"

"I was so overwhelmed with all of the shoes, clothes, Christmas decorations, and clutter that I was stuck. I just kept stuffing things into all the free spaces because my divorce was so hard on me. I could handle work, even parenting, but the house... it was embarrassing. Dawn came and taught me how to organize my clutter and clear my space, and even teaching me organizational skills along the way so I could CHANGE THE WAY I RUN MY HOME. YOU NEED TO HIRE HER RIGHT NOW!"

Amanda, Mother of 2

Quick Facts




AGES 12-20 




Ready to Get Started?

I know this is a big step, mama. I mean, motherhood is a very intimate subject and it takes a lot of courage to ask for help!


So I promise you this: no pressure, just honest information. All you're doing is taking the next step to see if this is for you. If we're not a fit, no worries!


But what if this is the help and transformation you have been praying for?

Don't you owe it to yourself and to God to find out?


The most it will cost you is a little bit of your time.

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