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Extraordinary womanhood contains a killer work ethic and a killer rest ethic.
How are you doing with that?

"Love others as you love yourself."

So, how are well are you loving yourself, girl? When was the last time you had a consistent rhythm of rest & care that revived your soul, kept you connected to Christ and gave you joy that permeated your days?

Take the

Soul-Care Quiz.

You'll want to take notes. It's that good!

In the next 5 minutes you’ll:

  • Receive an excellent overview of how you are doing in your faith, relationships, finances, sex-life, stress-levels and more!

  • Have insights and inspiration into specific action items you can take today to take better care of your soul.

  • IF YOU MAKE THE CHOICE, you will start a journey to change your soul-care, lifestyle and legacy once and for all.

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